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                       公司擁有日本川崎重工(kawasaki) 節能環保技術、德國伯勒BOILER DESIGNER 鍋爐設計軟件,聯合國內科研院所設計開發的余熱發電鍋爐,已成為余熱利用行業的領頭羊。廣泛應用于水泥、鋼鐵、玻璃、建材、垃圾焚燒等行業。

                       近年來,公司不斷吸收國際先進的技術理念,由技術團隊精心設計、歷時三年傾力打造的最新一代P系列和」系列(潔凈蒸汽)免監檢燃氣(油)蒸汽發生器(工業蒸汽機)。其獨特的設計為國內首創、國際領先。目前已獲得多項國家發明專利,2017 年被認定為浙江省第一批科技型企業,省級新產品項目立項六項,擁有市級企業技術研發中心。2017 年12月,被國家工信部優先納入“全國節能環保產品推薦目錄”,并作為特別優秀產品列入節能產品政府采購清單。






                   Exempted from Inspection: According to the safety technology specification towards special eZhejiang SouthBoiler Co, Ltd., one of the most professional boiler manufacturers in China, has nearly 30 years history of produc-ing boilers with a consistent quality. Zhejiang South Boiler Co,, Ltd. is awarded with National A-class Boiler Manu-facture Enterprise, A1, A2 Level Pressure Equipment Manufacture Enterprise, ASME Certificated Enterprise award-ed by America and CE Certificated Enterprise by the European Union. The products have been exported to morethan 50 countries worldwide.

                  The company is located at No.5, Zhongdi Road, Gaoxin District, Haining, the eastern of the economic develop-ment district in Hangzhou. It is the traffic hinge of many important freeways, like the Shanghai-Hangzhou High-way, Hangzhou-Ninghai Highway, Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Suzhou Highway, Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway, Hang-zhou-Pudong Highway, Hangzhou-Jinhuang-Quzhou Highway, and Suzhou-Shaoxing Highway, bringing the com-pany much convenience because of the advantageous location.

                  The company takes in the advanced environmental protection technology towards heavy industry productsfrom Kawasaki, Japan, the BOILER DESIGNER software from Germany, and the prominent Exhaust Heat Boilerdesigned by the research institute of the United Nations. These products have been widely and successfullyapplied to the cement industry, steel industry, glass industry, building materials industry, metallurgy industry, pet-rifaction industry, waste incineration industry, and many others.

                  In recent years, the company highly concentrates on the development as well as inputs of new products, anddeveloped its own S series and G series gas (oil) steam generator and hot water generator, winning NationalInvention Patent and Utility Model Patent for many times, In 2017, the company was considered as one of the firstScientific and Technological Enterprises in Zhejiang Province, introducing 5 new provincial level products whilerunning the city level technological research and development center. In December, 2017, Zhejiang South BoilerCo., Ltd, with priority, was being listed on the " National Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Rec-ommendation Catalog" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology while the environmentally friendlyproducts were considered as extraordinary and favored by the government.




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